Bethlehem Grange 137 is Accepting Bottles, Cans & Pull-Tabs for Return

January 27, 2021
Bethlehem Grange 137 is Accepting Bottles & Cans for Return.  The proceeds are very much needed to assist us with the cost of the maintenance of our Historic Grange Hall.  Bethlehem Grange 137 is on the National Historic Registry.  Bottles and Cans can be dropped off 24/7 in the back of the Grange Hall, by the Back Door, in Plastic Bags, Please!  We're located at 24 Bridge St., Selkirk, NY 12158   Save yourself the trouble of loading up all of those miscellaneous bottles and cans to be returned, and then standing in lines to deposit them for your nickel deposit.  Just bag them up, and drop them off in the back of our Grange Hall.  There's a wooden Box to contain the Bags.  We'll take the hassle out of returning the bottles & cans, keeping you safe and away from the crowds.  We'll even pick these up from you!!  Call 518-421-1384 to arrange pickup of your bottles & cans.

We're also accepting pull tabs from soda and beer cans, pet food, canned soups, canned fish.  These can also be dropped off 24/7, by the back door, in plastic bags please.  The Pull Tabs will go to the Ronald McDonald House in Albany, to support their many programs. 
Carol Carpenter, Master / President, (518) 421-1384